Bresser National Geographic 50/600 AZ Telescope

Bresser National Geographic 50/600 Telescope on an alt-azimuth mount will become a great companion to a beginner astronomer! This entry-level refracting telescope features bright colorful design and easy assembly. This telescope comes with a finder scope that helps in detecting celestial objects you want to observe. There are two eyepieces in the kit: 6mm and 12mm. An altazimuth mount allows for moving the optical tube horizontally and vertically. The kit also includes an erecting eyepiece that provides direct (not inverted and not mirrored) images and makes this telescope suitable for terrestrial observations as well.

Bresser National Geographic 50/600 AZ Telescope will be an excellent gift to an inquisitive child. The maximum magnification of the telescope is 100x. That is perfect for observing the Moon’s surface and a lot of large celestial objects. The quality optics and affordable price make this telescope a wonderful instrument for acquaintance with space and first planetary observations.


  • Refracting telescope
  • Diagonal mirror for comfortable viewing
  • Convenient terrestrial and astronomical observations
  • Magnification: 50x–100x
  • Easy assembly

The kit includes:

  • Telescope
  • 2 eyepieces: 12mm and 6mm
  • Finder scope
  • Diagonal mirror
  • Lunar filter
  • Tripod with mount
МаркаBresser GmbH, Germany
Гаранция, years2
Размер на опаковката (Д x Ш x В), cm15x50x20
Транспортно тегло,2.3
Оптична конструкциярефракторен телескоп
Диаметър на лещата на обектива (апертура), mm50.0
Фокусно разстояние, mm600
Увеличение, x50—100
Потребителско нивоначинаещи
Наблюдаван обектпланети на Слънчевата система, наземни обекти

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Bresser National Geographic 50/600 AZ Telescope

  • Код на продукта: 72353
  • Наличност: В наличност
  • 149.95 лв.